Wake up to the birds chirping and the sun rising. There is nothing like a Shuswap morning. Smell the air. Enjoy your coffee on the balcony. Go for a morning walk along the beach, or maybe today is your day to sleep in. Scotch Creek Cottages is a very special place in the mornings.

As usual, the sun is shining. What should you and the kids do today? Go for a boat ride on the lake? Pack a picnic lunch? Swim? Mountain bike? Roller blade? Golf? A game of volleyball? Or maybe today is just another day at the beach. These are the tough decisions that you are required to make while at Scotch Creek Cottages. Just another relaxing day in paradise.


Scotch Creek cottages consist of 13 two bedroom cottages, located in a horseshoe surrounding over an acre of grass. The green space faces out onto the lake. We keep all cars out of this area, so it is a nice safe place for your children to play. There is a covered barbecque gazebo in the centre, a great place to get to know the other families staying with us!

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