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The Quokka Online Booking System
Internet Point of Sale Technology

for Campground and RV Park Web sites

For your web site to bear fruit, your online reservation strategy must allow your guests to reserve their sites, directly from your web site.

Many state and provincial parks are already using online booking systems. Customer service excellence depends on allowing customers 24 hour access to your rates and availability with no waiting and no delay for the guest.

Your success comes from letting us help you:
    Increase Bookings
    Improve customer service for you guests
    Reduce workload at your front desk

The Quokka Online Booking System allows you to control everything and is programmed to capture special information (e.g. RV length) based on the guest's choices.

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Definition Online Booking is a computer program for your guests to check rates and availability and to book or request their stay right away without email or phone delays.
The Internet Guest Internet Guests like and use computers. They use banking sites and other "real time" web pages. They anticipate booking or holding a room right away online.
The Issues Quokka Systems has worked with many camping providers who have many and varied sites. Many have cabins to rent as well. The core issues that we have addressed are:
  • Control of inventory
  • Mixture of camping and cabins
  • Keeping personalized customer service
  • Adding workload
The Solutions
  • Take control of your inventory with the easiest management interface you can imagine. If the property has both campsites and cabins, a dual account is set up and both types of inventory can be managed. Cabins can also be handled on a request basis to avoid conflict between a phone booking and an online booking.
  • Achieve personalized customer service by allowing the guest to control the booking experience. For an Internet Guest, customer service is self service - information and bookings when they want.
  • Reduce your workload. Our customer testimonials show that the system reduces unnecessary emails, phone calls and faxes replacing them with valid reservations. Phone calls you do receive are from informed guests.

Facts about The Quokka Online Booking System

  • No software to buy or install
  • No software upgrade charges
  • Quick and easy customized set up and training
  • 100% control over rates, availability and policies in real time from any Internet connection
  • You can manage campsites and cabins from one sign in
  • Secure access for both for the consumer and the operator
  • Reporting on your online inquiries
  • Free Toll-free support
  • All credit card transactions are left to the businesses; the system captures accurate credit card numbers
  • Service charges are incurred only when guests have "paid and stayed"

Additional Marketing Opportunities

Quokka Systems has two programs to help market your business. All clients receive a free listing on TravelInBC.com, our first travel web site. We are entering other markets in 2003 and your business will be listed for free on the relevant web sites.

In addition, Quokka Systems is entering into Marketing Affiliate agreements with travel web sites to help promote and sell your online inventory as well as drive traffic to your site. Please see www.quokkasystems.com for more information.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

All marketing companies will tell you that establishing your web site as a leading tool for marketing, sales and reservations is critical to success. The reason this makes sense is that your web page is under your direct control. Consider these facts:

  • The Internet is the largest source of new business.
  • Your toll free number does not work overseas; the Internet is your International guest's toll free equivalent.
  • The new business that you get today will become your repeat business tomorrow.
  • The young adults using the Internet today will expect to do their business on the Internet tomorrow.
  • Once travelers find your web page, they are buying directly, which gives a personal touch and greater sense of comfort.
  • An online booking system that you control acts as your Internet front desk.
  • The Quokka Online Booking System becomes your cost-effective Internet Point of Sale Technology.

For prices, further information and to arrange a demo of the Quokka Online Booking System, please contact us at:

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Fax: 604-738-1946
Email: info@quokkasystems.com

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