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Marketing Affiliations are another way Quokka Systems helps sell your online product in the Internet market.

About 15 minutes after we launched the first customer on our system, we were asked, "How are you marketing our product?" It was an odd question for someone to ask an Information Technology company, but we realized that we were in a position to help clarify where to sell online.

Online marketing of any product is complex. Quokka Systems chose to augment its own efforts by working with leading travel web portals to provide online booking for your guests who wish to shop online.

This arrangement is win-win-win. The travel portals increase the value of their sites by offering online booking. Quokka Systems customers can sell rooms online from more sites with the same amount of inventory management work. Most importantly, the potential guest has a consistent and full service online booking experience.

Affiliated Site Special Notes
kid friendly!™ The kid friendly!™ Family Travel Program began in 1998 in BC and helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to services and facilities that are child and family oriented.
British For Quokka Systems customers, they offer limited time free listings on their site as well as the wonderful power of being one of the most intuitive web addresses on the Internet.
Internet Vacations They are deploying the Quokka Online Booking System on their site.
In Vancouver In-Vancouver has been creating and maintaining reliable web sites for seven years as well as providing secure hosting and web marketing services. It maintains multiple travel portals. Please visit
ZAP BC The ZAP BC Site provides two online guides. One is for Parkville-Qualicum and the other is for Vancouver Island West Coast.
The Butchart Gardens Planning to celebrate 100 years in 2004, The Butchart Gardens has a detailed Planning Your Visit section including the Quokka Online Booking System.
Horticulture Centre of the Pacific This not-for-profit organization provides a broad-based education in horticulture to develop and manage demonstration gardens and promotes the preservation of natural habitat.
Capilano Suspension Bridge The Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park is Vancouver's oldest and most famous attraction.
Victoria Flower & Garden Show This is a demonstration of some of the Pacific Northwest's foremost gardeners, designs and horticulturists.
Victoria Butterfly Gardens Stroll amidst hundreds of exotic butterflies flying free in an indoor tropical rain forest.
HarbourLynx This service provides transportation between Vancouver Island and Downtown Vancouver. By allowing people a chance to commute on a regular, cost-effective basis, Nanaimo could be the next bedroom community of Vancouver.
Want to be a Marketing Affiliate web site where you can make money and enhance your site at the same time? Email the President at:

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