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Lodging Types

The Quokka Online Booking System supports a variety of customers by providing the flexibility for each account to customize its settings to suit the specific business.

The objective of any business system is to make it easy for someone to find what they want and take action. In the case of lodging, a guest wants accurate rates and availability followed by a way to book. Internet users are expecting that a fully functional web site will allow them to book right away without having to pick up the phone.

We have many properties from small motels to large resorts using the system. They each find the system able to meet the demands of their online clients.

Click here for Demonstration of a Lodging Booking

B&Bs posed a particular challenge because of the limitations of their inventory and the need for discretion when accepting bookings. The Quokka Online Booking System can accept bookings in real time or offer a booking-by-request system. This allows the B∓B to reconfirm the online booking after double checking that the room has not been booked by some other means.

Click here for Demonstration of a B&B Booking

This feature was launched June 1, 2002 allowing campgrounds and RV parks to take reservations online, controlling inventory and site information online.

Click here for Demonstration of a Campsite

Monthly Stay
Properties renting suites by the month have a special area where they can manage their suites and provide online booking requests.

Click here for Demonstration of a Monthly Booking

Many types of activities ranging from tickets to horse rides to boat rides can be booked online with The Quokka Online Booking System and combined with lodging to create your own vacation. Please see our Activities & Packages section for more detail.

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